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Blancpain Replica's work speaks volumes. His watches evoke a sense of the '60s, '70s, or an earlier era, when clean, simple lines ruled in style and design,Blancpain Replica and where a certain level of formality was observed in dress and manners. With the soft, pristine curvatures of his watch cases, comes a sense that nothing is out-of-place or extraneous.

His watches are not out of place for the 21st Century. In fact, they look even better than a mid-century design. They feel more in tune with our time and future eras. The Grand Sport Tourbillon is a great example of a sports luxe watch. It is right up there with the Nautilus or Royal Oak.

Although Blancpain Replica spent 37 years with Patek Philippe and eventually became the head of their creative department, there is a strong connection between the Grand Sport Tourbillon watch and the Nautilus. However, the similarities are more in the spirit rather than the design.

Blancpain Replica Grand Sport Tourbillon is a sports-luxe watch with a bracelet integrated.

Steel Sport Watches - A Luxury Steel Watch

Ferrier, who is a motorsport enthusiast,Panerai Ferrari Replica has a lot more in common with Genta than the Nautilus. The soft curves in the barrel-shaped timepiece, the cushion bezel with a brushed finish and the curves around the crown of the case are all reminiscent of 1970s sports cars.