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Last year, the Grand Sport Tourbillon was introduced with an integrated rubber band. The strap is integrated into the middle of the case. This makes it a true integrated model. The dial was a gradient from soft brown to a deep brown around the circumference. A tourbillon, located in the back movement and running below the small seconds display,Franck Muller Replica is housed at 6 o'clock. The hour markers and hands were a bright orange Super-LumiNova.

The transparent caseback shows off the elegant design of the movement, which matches the case.

It is absolutely beautiful and elegant. The LF-619.01 caliber has many Franck Muller Replica's signatures on the back. The dark ruthenium finish gives it a muscular appearance. The Grand Sport Tourbillon now has a steel bracelet with three links that are tapered, similar to the engine block of a car. The matte finish of the watch lends it an aged, classic look. Instead of brown, the dial now has a blue-to-black gradient, with the hour markers and hand remaining the same.

This model is limited to 12 pieces in a series of 12. If you want one then grab it quickly.

Technical Specifications

Move with ease

Manual winding caliber LF619.01; hours, minutes; seconds;Rolex Day Date Replica tourbillon; double balance spring; 3Hz power reserve; 80-hour capacity

Case Study

Water resistant up to 100m with a 4mm stainless steel case.


Bracelet in stainless steel with integrated clasp