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Omega Replica introduced the Little Omega Replica with a smaller case size of 36.1 mm in 1998, upon request by an Asian retailer. (It may have been a client.) The watch complemented a collection that was introduced in 1994 with the Arkade during the legendary first presentation. It was designed in the same way as the Omega Replica, but sized to suit the female replica This statement of equality from the brand was easy to perceive. Why can't a woman wear a watch as sophisticated and impressively engineered to work? In the past two decades the market for female collectors of watches has grown even more, which is why the watchmaker continues to expand the Little Omega Replica collection.

The Little Omega Replica Moon Phase 1

Anne Schaal, the managing director of Omega Replica SEA & Australia, explains that it is a mistake to think that a Omega Replica was designed and developed with women in particular. The watch was actually designed for women who prefer a smaller size case, wanted to wear a more sophisticated timepiece at night, or just wanted something smaller. It was especially true in the 2000s, when watchmakers seemed to be pursuing larger and bigger watch cases.

The 2014 Little Omega Replica was designed to be a smaller version of the Omega Replica but still appeal to a younger, more fashionable audience. Schaal notes that the Little Omega Replica has been around for almost 20 years, and the Moon Phase model with its iridescent mother of pearl dial was introduced a decade ago. We've always played around with dial colours and materials. With the Little Omega Replica dial, we worked with greys and blues. But in 2014,Richard Mille Replica for the Omega Replica's 20th anniversary, we made limited-edition Omega Replica and Little Omega Replica sets with different-coloured dial guilloche. It was a huge success. We wanted to take this even further."

Omega Replica had to find a way to maintain its brand identity and add a touch glamour without compromising the technical value of the watch. The brand did not want to just pile diamonds on a smaller case, and call it a women's watch. As Omega Replica developed the caliber series 121 for the Omega Replica, the Little Omega Replica was sure to follow.